Lollicock penis lollipop
The Lollicock

Oooof! This is one giant schwanzstucker of a lollipop, the biggus dickus of throbbing candy manhood. The penis portion is 6 inches long when fully erect, which it always is, and it must weigh about a pound.

With stick, the entire unit is 13 inches long. The wooden stick is a quarter-inch dowel rod that looks like it would last for the entire life of the pop, which we estimate at about a month.

Does Lollicock have girth, you ask? Yes, 5.5 inches worth of shaft circumference. The shape of the pop is amazingly realistic from every angle. The glans is formed like a real penis, and even has an indentation at the tip that looks like an opening. The shaft shows bumps and indentations, just like its fleshy cousins.

Although the manufacturer makes different flavors, only carries watermelon. The flavor is pleasant and the color gives the entire pop a rosy translucence that catches the light when you hold it just so.

Penis Alert: Any woman who enjoys the Lollicock in public will have men waiting in line for their turn.
Lollicock is 6 inches long

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